Wednesday 1 April 2009

From hero to zero

I've got a bad habit. One I'm ashamed of. I'd like to give it up but I can't. I started it knowing I could handle it, but now I'm just obsessed.

I'm refering to the little site meter perched somewhere in the nether regions of the sidebar. I put it there because I wanted to know where my vistors were from...and even who they might be. And I'm delighted to have had vistors from every corner of the globe - Australia, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Chile, The Philipines, Obamaland, Canada and so on. Some come because they're looking for my blog, some arrive but dint of an erroneous Google search. An early example was the search for men and boys, then there was a few drawn by my mention of jingle bells, and last week someone searching for a cure for panic attacks. And that's all nice and I'm delighted to welcome anyone even if tey don't stay very long.

But the problem is, the meter creates a big chart of how many visitors have been and gone. Now, I'm not competitive in any way shape or form, but I do run a business, and whilst I don't know much, I do know that when a chart goes up that's good, and when it goes down, that's bad. And so I check the chart on a daily basis, just to see the month's progress. I don't want to, I just can't help it. It's especially bad because I started Don't Panic RTFM just for me so I don't forget things that I inevitably will as time goes by....and that is still very much the case. But, I can't help wanting to see the chart grow and grow. Of course today, the 1st of the month is as bad as it can the monthly bar starts at 0 on the stroke of midnight.

I've given up tea and coffee for Lent - perhaps I shoud've given up my Sitemeter. Perhaps I should delete it, but then I'd never know who my foreigh visitors are Perhaps I should go to Sitemeter Addicts Anonymous.


  1. I'll still visit you even if you are taking note of my movements

  2. We all like to think someone finds us interesting and it is flattering to see visitors from all round the globe. So you continue with your obsession. It's not hurting anyone!

  3. I can feel the first faltering steps of an obsession here. I prefer to remain in blissful ignorance. Even if I secretly want to know how many people have viewed the blog. Like counting coup.

    Be strong!

  4. If this is your worst bad habit, you've got nothing to worry about! It's doing you any harm, is it? Why worry?

  5. It is a bit addictive, although I pretty much manage not to go there now (it helped when I realised most of the visitors were me). What attracts people to one's site can be depressing - my two top sellers have been a frivolous post headed 'BMX Sex', which apparently interests a surprising number of people, and a silly spoof about the origin of Australia's name, which (to my horror) is probably being incorporated in a generation of antipodean student projects.


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