Thursday 26 March 2009

Soldier, soldier

The boy and his Dad have been somewhat troubled by him remaining unrewarded for all his exertions for the school. He's played rugby for the first and second teams, and swum in the junior team...but no 'Colours'. He's won the javelin during school sports two years on the trot. He's top of the class in history (when he wants to be) and also in English...but nothing to collect on Prize Day.

So we are very much delighted that he has been awarded 'Most promising Cadet' for his efforts since joining the CCF.

Stand tall and proud young man!


  1. Well done. I agree it is so annoying when, despite doing very well, our kids don't get prizes or pats on the back!!

  2. Very well done.

    I am sure the other prizes will be coming thick and fast.

  3. Well done.
    It's a shame when they are not rewarded isn't it?

  4. He should go far then. I failed the CCF 'profiency' test outright when the examining officer asked me the name of some sort of light machine gun. I said, 'KSLI, Sir,' rather smartly I thought. He (a Captain in the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry) replied, 'That's us, you clot', and sent me packing.


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