Monday 2 March 2009


We have a major crisis at home, which I think puts the banking crisis into perspective. I was surprised this morning that when I picked up the papers, it hadn't made the front page, pushing Gaza, the banks, Fred the Shred and Jade Goddie to their rightful place on page 7.

The boy has had a haircut and it's too short. Once upon a time, we used to go into the barbers and he'd ask to have a trim, about half an inch of the mop to drop on the hairdressers floor, so I took to standing behind and indicating the right length to make sure we got value for money.

However, that seemed to cause a degree of friction.

In fact more friction than the Shuttle faces when it returns to Cape Canaveral.

So I stopped doing it.

But this time, the barber took it on himslef to make the boy look smart. And indeed he does. But I think there are two issues, and I'm not sure which is the most important.

"Why didn't he do what I told him?" says the boy. Well don't ask were managing this project all by yourself. You need to take charge, exert your leadership skills.

And the boy is very proud of his even though it looks so much better under his army cadet cap (which he's very pleased about), he doesn't like it. And he'll have his leg pulled rotten when he goes through the school gate this morning.

And don't you dare say it'll grow back. BECAUSE THAT IS A RIDICULOUS THING TO SAY.

So if you could just organise some aid convoys to our house, that would be appreciated. Thank you very muchly.


  1. Oh dear. The male coiffure seems to have become something of a work of art in recent years. I was convinced the boys I taught until recently got up at four a.m. to gell their hair and sculpt in into that artfully-tousled 'Look! I've just got out of bed' style. Ironic.

  2. Oh dear. It is a common complaint amongst women too. We smile sweetly at the hairdresser, as he/she shows us their finished work by angling all the mirrors around our heads, we nod in approval, pay the bill, rush home and wash it all out to try and re-sculpture it into something we really wanted in the first place. But tell the boy IT WILL GROW BACK QUICKLY. Ridiculous, or not, it will!!!

  3. I have more than once come out of the hairdressers looking like a poodle - and have only indeed experienced two decent hairdressers in my whole life capable of making me look better when I came out than when I went in. The most expensive haircut I ever had was ironically the worst!

    Get over it is my advice. It's called 'tough love'!


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