Tuesday 3 February 2009

Danger, danger!

Homework has become a hazardous undertaking in our house, hence the boy decided on appropriate wear to finish off the maths on Sunday night. Nothing whatsoever to do with either the snow gently falling outside, or that this was a Sunday morning purchase, ready for our trip in ten days time!

And of course going out on Monday morning was equally hazardous. At least in a fashion sense. So the designer coat was entirely appropriate for spending all day romping in the snow with a dozen friends. Only marginal contrition upon his return swathed in a soggy lump of wool. But thank heavens he wore his ski goggles...the happy police would be pleased.

I wish I had the same sense of excitement that a thirteen year old has!


  1. On monday, I saw a young man, in his twenties, wearing a pair of shorts!!
    I can't handle that at my age!

  2. He needs the helmet to avoid damaging himself on your retro fireplace.

    Here it is ...


  3. Having the sense of excitement of a 13 year old might be ok, but do you have to have the same short attention span, too?

  4. Annette - he must have been a Geordie I think...!

    AG...I'm sure that's a note of jealousy :-)

    Robert, sorry I didn't respond sooner, I got distracted....


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