Wednesday 28 January 2009

Five years along

Today (29th January) is our fifth anniversay..when it became certain, no turning back, that the boy was going to live with me permenantly...or at least until he grows up enough to venture out into the big world. So I thought I would take this opportunity to post some pictures from the last half decade (sorry utterly self-indulgent)...every day has been an amazing experience...and I'm not sure who's learnt more...

Xmas in Megeve...just a month before everything changed

On Newport Transporter Bridge the day after his mum's funeral. If you've never been on a transporter bridge do try it

With his sister in of the few times I managed to get them together

First time on a motorbike...monkey bike

And with Charlie Boorman

That sinking feeling - nearly learning to sail

Under the arches - living in Borough

Winning the javelin sports day

erm Madonna, outside our office

Camel riding in Egypt

Three generations

At the Natural History Museum...can you see the second face?

Better than a bike any day

Rugby...his great love as a half-welshman

Another great Megeve

Giants and boy

Portmeiron this summer

And that's enough!


  1. Great memories there! He's a lucky lad. And a little self-indulgence will do you no harm.

  2. He is a credit to you. He will also break some hearts when he is older!

  3. Fantastic pictures. Lovely to see him growing up.

    You could have sold that Madonna one the tabloids!

  4. You must be very very proud!

    I was brought up by my father from the age of 9 when my Mum died so I'm glad I found your blog.

  5. bounced over from a friend's blog - this is a great post, just to see so much with the pictures. You're both lucky to have each other. I'm about to go read more of your posts. Take care.

  6. Blimey he looks like he just might be the next Harry Potter!

    Or the next Prisoner, after your sojourn to Port Meirion.

    You've done a great job RTFM - I'm sure panic is the last thing you need do, though I'm sure single-parenthood has had its daunting moments and changed your life hugely from the course it may have taken.

    I know Giant's Causeway well indeed, hailing from N. Ireland.

  7. We might see him at the Olympics one day.

  8. Robert...yes, it's good to remember things that might oterwise fade away

    Tawny...rumour has it he does it already :-(

    NVG - I think I was just a bit slow off the mark. I have one of Madge in that must be worth a fortune!

    Laura AWNTYM Yep...really proud! Any helpful hints from your childhood?

    AG - all joy really

    Tony - cheers. Thank you!

    Poet - he'd given Daniel Radcliffe a run for his money for sure! Love Giants Causeway...we also got soaked on a very wet and windy day crossing the Carrick a Rede rope bridge just down the road

  9. David - I the moment we're 'volunteers' so either on the track or with mop and brush in hand!

  10. Well Notabene, if I had a daughter my best advice would be 'Never pluck your eyebrows - that trend only ever lasts 5 minutes and sometimes they don't grow back!' Haven't really thought of the advice I might give a son. Maybe along the lines of 'You can only rebel if you don't follow the herd, so forget about peer pressure and be an individual and proud - after you've left school of course - you have to pretend to conform while you're there or you'll get your head kicked in.'

  11. Laura that sounds sound! he will have that advice! Thank you


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