Tuesday 6 January 2009

Continuing the Dr Who theme

It just keeps coming...wonder why?

AG has pointed out that she can't open the link I pasted here, so I've deleted it and instead here is the picture...

I can't believe they overlooked me for the next Dr Who!


  1. Okay we all know the auntie is shockingly bad at technology but dear sweet NB, I cutted and pasteded the wee thingy and I got a picture of a cup and a caption of "SP's all time greats" and I don't understand it

    Yes, I know I'm meant to be working, but I'm skiving on here

  2. Quite. As a friend of mine is fond of saying of Brad Pitt 'That man has stolen my life!'

  3. You was robbed, NB! It's a travesty of justice!

  4. WHEN was that taken? And isn't that someone I know?

    Why not ring up the BBC and offer your services before Matt Whoever signs on the dotted line?

  5. AG...you may or may not be technologically challenged, but you are certainly work challenged, along with another 2.4 million poeple according to the newspaper...enjoy it whilst it lasts!

    Laura - are you sure he didn't say, Brad Piit stole my wife?

    Thank you Dotterel, support much appreciated

    NVG...not as old as I suspect you are implying...just a couple of years when I still had a suit to my name. And I didn't realise you mixed with Daleks...


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