Wednesday 17 December 2008


I've decided at long last to turn to Jesus for salvation.

The decision was prompted this morning by turning up at the tube station (no Vespa or cycle for me today as I'm meeting the old boys for a stiff drink) to find the local churches handing out lovely hot coffees in plain white polystyrene cups (memo to self: sue like the McDonalds customer did on the basis that they failed to say that the coffee cup she bought contained hot liquid...she got $millions) and delicious home baked chocolate biscuits (memo to self: remember to sue; packaging doesn't say 'may contain traces of nuts'). The merry band were not collecting money, or forcing themselves or their views on dejected commuters in any the refreshments, accompanied by hearty smiles were more than appreciated. (memo to self: remember to complain to Transport for London, as I'm sure they must have offended many non-Christians.

The boy remains away for a second night, hopefully completing his Christmas shopping with the ex-nanny, returning tomorrow. When he's in bed and asleep, I doubt I'll be able to resist trying to sneak a look and see what will be waiting for me under the Christmas tree on the 25th...


  1. Dear Saved-at-long-last-by-Jesus...You won't REALLY look under the Christmas tree, will you? Spirit of Christmas & all that?

  2. Isn't that nice and totally in the proper spirit of Christmas.

    Thank you for your very thoughtful comments on my blog, I totally agree and think you are very wise and lovely, and you always seem to agree with me, yes, wise lovely and funny.

  3. I thought this was going to be about the appalling X-factor cover version of the title song...

    do you think that if you sued the Church of England, the Queen would be liable?

  4. Until quote recently CofE clergyman (and women) couldn't invoke employment legislation as God was deemed to be their employer. If He was liable you might have better things to sue him for than coffee and biscuits!

  5. Robert...I will resist...especially as he has revealed that he still hasn't bought me anything even now. Hoping it's a double bluff made Christmas for me...and thank you!

    NVG - I am pleased to say I have owned and have listened to the definitive version for many years. I'm glad to hear 200,000 copies of the X factor version remain at Woolworths, so may never see the light of day

    Dotterel.. I thin I kight start small and work up to the big things!

  6. Two nights away and his pa is turning feral!

    Oh dear...


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