Tuesday 23 December 2008

Bloody annoying (2)

Or maybe "Wool, the, eyes, my, pulled, have, had, I

After a few nights when the boy has struggled to settle down (surely at 13, Christmas is not that exciting...is it?), the boy came down tonight long after he should have been soundly in the land of nod. By the cut of his jib, there was clearly something not quite right. Off goes the TV, closed goes the laptop (evidently boys can multi-task sometimes...but only when electronic gadgets are involved). Come and sit down and tell me what's wrong. Some hesitation (works well for dramatic effect), the boy sits and tentatively hands over his glasses. Broken glasses. Bad but not that bad...although whether they were snapped in his jacket when it was on his back as claimed or thrown on the floor is open to debate. Time for blubbering tears (works well on the heart strings). School jacket has been lost. He's known since last week and stayed stum. In (new) jacket was ipod and expensive headphones.

Loss of sympathy immediate.

Knowing what to do or say is beyond me.

He's only 13....but bloody annoying!

Merry Christmas one and all...


  1. Ahhh....but he played his cards right coming down in tears, you couldn't help but be sympathetic!

  2. Pray explain to your auntie why you're surprised ?

    I never expect my 13 year old to keep anything in full working order or even about his person !

    Saying that I've lost something very peculiar myself, blame it on Christmas

  3. I think this posting has answered the last one - he was building up to really annoying you!

    Have a great Xmas regardless!

    PS: I do hope you don't run out of things to say when 'the boy' is behaving - you can't live a life by proxy like that!


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