Monday 17 November 2008

Nights in White Satin (2)

With my memory slowly returning...I felt compelled to add the school song we sang after the meal. I'm putting it down EXACTLY as it appeared in the I hope you can see why we all collapsed into giggles half way through:

Floreat Bancroftia,
Floreamus pueri,
Vivat et memoria,
Fundatoris nostril
Nobis in aeternum,
Magni sint honores,
Floreat Bancroftia,
Floreant rectores

The printer doesn't appear to be a latin scholar, but clearly has a nose for business!.

And the photo is simply to show what happens when you let someone who can't speak a language produce something in that language...


  1. I did latin A level but don't remember the word nostril?

  2. Well you sniffed that one out pretty quickly!

    I'll keep the sign translation a secret for a little longer..

  3. Oh bless! That's lovely! Will remember that one...

  4. I shall sing it everytime...and have encouraged the boy to do likewise.

    Translation of the Welsh sign is:

    "I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated."


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