Friday 14 November 2008

I'm no good

I've done a truly terrible thing.

I've taken the boy's laptop away from him.

What I hadn't realised was that this is the equivalent of making Amy Winehouse go cold turkey.

For me a computer is just something to write my blog on, watch iplayer, listen to itunes, play a few rounds of solitaire, check office e-mails. So if I couldn't use it, it would be a shame, I'd miss it, but it would be no more of an issue than if the TV went on the blink.

What I didn't appreciate is that the lap top is the boy's primary means of communicating with friends, near and far, and by not having the use of his Dell, I was effectively ostracising him from society. Judging by the reaction I got, summarily chopping off his legs with a bent rusty butter knife would have been less painful and more appropriate. The promises freely given in absolute desperation to keep this device sent me reeling - and the comparison with Ms Winehouse's addiction seems entirley appropriate...I wonder what she would promise for the next hit.

So suddenly the punishment seems somewhat disproportionate to the crime, but I'm not sure of a route back. Supper tonight should be fun...uuurgh


  1. oh deary me

    that's even worse than confiscating the mobile

    Good luck, be brave if you've siad it you have to see it through

    I'll be thinking of you !

  2. AG "Thank you" the way I got very excited when I discovered I could post my picture up on The Killers web site...what fun...

  3. It's the equivilent of an amputation, isn't it?

  4. Whatever did we do before computers? Have a life, maybe!!

  5. Yes, I know what you mean. I closed down the computer when I went out this afternoon....aaghh!So goodness what your son feels! Good luck with the supper! (Thank you for the link I shall return the compliment...)

  6. You'd better check that doesn't constitute child abuse! Better take his mobile off him as well before he reports you to Childline!

    Alternatively it could teach him to actually *talk* to his friends!

  7. dotterel...amazingly he seems to have survived a whole w/e without there's hope yet

    rosiero..definitely...but then I wouldn't be able to type this!

    hadriana...I leave mine on all day every day...ridiculous really

    poet - glad to hear from you...the real child abuse is making him tidy his room evidently. He urgently needed picking up from a frend's today, so he sent me a text, which I picked up an hour or so later...!


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