Thursday 30 October 2008

Justified ancients

I can't help but feel that justice is rarely done...well at least not in the right way anyway. So Russell Brand has resigned, and Jonathan Ross will forfeit a million and a half pounds of not hard-earned cash. Russell Brand I cannot understand how he has achieved fame and fortune because I can detect no talent so I'm glad he's gone Jonathan Ross I've always quite liked...but recently he does seem to have lost touch and just got too full of himself...his Friday night show has been firmly off my watching list for a few weeks now. But it turns out that Georgina Baillie is a porn star...thank you popbitch for it's a shame that there's a twist in the justice being meated out here. I'm so glad to see Andrew Sachs has come out of this as the most fair-minded and dignified of people. He goes high on my list of people I'd love to have lunch with.

In the same way, I was delighted that the judges decided that we are all entitled to do what we like in private providing it's legal, and not have it plastered all over the tabloids. Not that it's something I think I need to worry about. It's just a shame that it was the pretty unsavoury Max Mosely and his even more unsavoury practices which have enshrined this in law.

And now, in possibly the ultimate in irony, Porsche has managed to get one over on the hedge funds which have been the poison coarsing through the veins of western economies for the last decades. For me it's deeply satisfying, but I can't help but feel that it's case of bitng off the hand that feeds you. We shall see.

And back to Mr Sachs. It has only because of this little controversy that I realised that in my head I had managed to confuse said Mr Sachs and Tony Robinson of Baldrick and making holes in the ground fame. I know they're different people...I've always known, but for some reason my brain and merged them. Oh dear.

Oh yes and I still don't understand why so many column inches including the ones above have been devoted to Mr Ross and Mr Brand's puerile behaviour.


  1. I'm glad they have both had their comeuppance. As you say, they were both so up themselves, they had lost touch with reality. Andrew Sachs does come out of it rather well. His wife is ill in hospital too, so he could have done without all this.

  2. Too true...I also read this which I thought was spot on:,opinion,blair-brand-and-ross-are-spirits-of-our-bullying-age-matthew-carr

  3. It's all had the ring of a bit of media feeding frenzy, really. I'm sure more important things have happened this week, but absolutely support the action taken.

  4. The whole saga has definitely taken on a surreal quality - eg when you get a senior Tory shadow minister on the Today programme and the main question is, 'so what do you think about Jonathan Ross? ' I have gone from initial fascination to actually feeling quite jaded with the whole thing...

  5. As I said on Rol's blog, Mr Woss hasn't been funny since 1986 and I am already furious that £18m of programme-making money is squandered on this ego-monster who has the likes of David Bowie on only to rabbit on about himself as if his guests didn't matter a jot. He is well past his sell-by & I say that as someone usually against presenter ageism on telly.


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