Thursday 9 October 2008

Bring me sunshine

In just over a week we're off to the wonderful warm, sunny eastern mediterranean to visit Grandma in Cyprus (hello grandma). It's exciting for a number of reasons including - sunshine and warmth have been badly missed this year and we need to recharge our batteries - I'm very fed up with nodding off at 9.00 in the middle of some repeat on Dave; also Grandma was lucky enough to win a day out on a luxury power boat complete with lucnh and sea scooter...and as it is for four people, the boy and I get to share in the win...providing the water's not too choppy (evidently); not fogetting that it will be nice to catch up; grandma has bought a scooter so we can zap around as we like

However, there will be some downsides. Firstly, I'm sure I'll get it in the neck for failing to settle down (again)...I want to ask what it is about our family that everyone seems to discourage keeping in's a strange anomaly....and, well, that's it really.

The excitment mounts....!


  1. In a weeks time,the beautiful children and myself will be flying out to our villa on the med coast in Turkey, give me a wave from your boat, or better still come visit !

    My parents would love me to settle down too, they think I need looking after !

  2. Lucky you all...we will wave as we fly overhead and wave from the boat too. And compare tans afterwards!

  3. Lucky both of you. I shall be spending half-term in not-so-sunny, not-so-warm London - in my back garden!!

  4. 'Failing to settle down?' I do not understand. Am I to take it you are not supposed to leave Blighty's shores, even for a short break?

  5. Rosiero...London in the autumn...providing the leaves turn golden brown and the sun continues for our belated Indian summer, then I think you'll be doing ok

    the the settling down is about 'stepping out, courting, tieing the knot'...mum doesn't want me to turn ointo a lonely old man (which I hasten to add is several decades away yet!)


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