Sunday 21 September 2008

Me, me , me

Monday 8.30 a.m. at school: "Hey, how was your weekend?" "Brilliant party Saturday night eh? Loved the music, great cake an' all...shame it finished at 10.00. Good to chill with the lads all Saturday afternoon too....I know I said I'd only be an hour, but hey ho. In the morning I knocked around a football, spent time on MSN. It was cool. Sunday was a bit of a bummer Dad was really grumpy. Don't know why. We were planning to go to the Boat Show, but when I got home from the party I said I had too much homework. He said something about waiting around for me all Saturday and now he'd have a wasted Sunday too. Don't know what he was talking about."

Monday 9.00 in the office "Hi, how was your weekend?" "Complete rubbish" "How come, thought you were going to the boat show?" "Sore point, I spent Saturday doing the housework and ironing, giving the boy a lift to his friend's party, and even washing the car to give us the day free on Sunday. The boy, arsed around Friday pm and all Saturday and then announced that he was too busy with homework on Sunday to go to the boatshow. That left me bereft of things to do other than more tidying up. I was not happy. He never thinks of anyone but himself, and expects me just to run around after him...he never considers me at all." "He's thirteen, what do you expect?" "Let's talk about the clients".


  1. Honestly, these kids who want to do their homework....was never like that in my day!

  2. Nor mine (either as a pupil or a teacher: with kids like yours I might not have left the classroom!)

  3. Excellent, do you think he'd have wanted to do his homework so much if you'd offered a bonding session down the pub? MH

  4. I'm sure his teachers love him !

    You should have come to the cinema with us, I'm hoping that watching The Boy in Striped pyjamas will make mine slightly less self centred for a while !

    Mine are very similar, honest

  5. Dear all...I should indeed be very grateful that I don't have to cosntantly cajole and chase to get the homework kind just happens which is pretty cool really. I seem to remember mine was always a last minute job...a habit I've carried into grown up life...

    I'm looking forward to the day he can buy me a's marked in the diary for a little way down the line.

    As for The Boy in Striped boy gets desperately embarassed when his Dad cries during a film...which I think I probably would in this case!


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