Monday 8 September 2008

The honeymoon is over, over

Last week saw the return to school...I'm not sure why it was last week, as the rest of the private schools didn't return until this fact neither did most of the state schools as they enjoyed the benefit of inset days (I prefer to think of them as insect days as the boy used to refer to them when he was knee-high to a grass hopper).

But after much excited anticipation, it seems we are currently being educationally-challenged. He returned after day one with a VERY GLUM look...his decision to plump for music as one of his options was a 'mistake' and he didn't know why he'd done it. He done it because he loves playing the guitar, so music was a wise choice. And the alternative was electronics which would have involved the use of maths. Which is not a strength, It would have been a poor choice. My offer to ring the school and try and make a change was dismissed out of hand. YOU CANT CHANGE NOW.

And now EVERYTHING is wrong...even having the history teacher who thinks he walks on water is bad because ...errr...err because. I swear she has a crush on him...but as she often brings her girlfriend to events...I don't worry. And there's a substitute teacher for another subject and she's horrible. But the proper teacher (who he's never been taught by) would be excellent. And he's not (yet) in this year's rugby team inspite of expensive new boots 'because I'm not good enough'. And he's got lots of homework.

There's an unwritten agenda here which will no doubt pop out.....soon(ish)


  1. Who'd ever go back to their teenage years! Nothing and nobody makes sense except people your own age and TV, frustration and anger rule the roost and teachers hold all the cards. The thing is once he's far enough away from them to feel nostalgic, he'll reminisce with his 'oldest friends' about the good old days...

  2. Absolutely - they're only 'the best days of your life' once they're over. (I can say that, at last, after over thirty years!)


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