Sunday 24 August 2008

Personal time and space

A topic dear to my heart...but to date beyond the comprehension of the boy. However, a week in Brighton seems to have stirred some changes. The Boy had a Friend to stay for the week...a blessing for me as this was my week of working from home. In the past when Friends have descended, it's been a case of seeing how many can cram into onne bedroom...silent acceptance on my part that boy conversations will continue long into the night after my eyes have closed for the day. However the bedroom arrangements were different...each boy having their own room - their choice not mine It seemed to work well.

For me, hopefully this will mean that I will be able to recapture some of my own personal space. When the boy was younger, my personal time was those three of four precious hours after he had gone to bed. Four hours was good...I enjoy my own company. But as he has grown, the time has been whittled away until now, I'm generally gently snoozing on the sofa after supper long before he feels the need to ascend the my time alone is a groggy never land of semi-consciousness switching off the TV and lights some unspecified time later.

I rarely have personal space in the bathroom, as there's always existed an open door my own fault really. When I'm working, the journey in on the scooter is good personal space and favourite time of day.

So the next week will be interesting...our first 'Road trip'...from one end of the A5 to the other to camp in the middle of Snowdonia. Apart from a first night spent in the Hundred House Hotel near Ironbridge, the others will be under canvas. For me there is a certain movie romance to this and we've been looking forward to/planning it for months...let's hope the close proximity of being in the tent whilst the forecast monsoon comes down outside will help us both appreciate space and time....


  1. I crave some personal time and space. I only get it when I go running, sadly I do less and less solo running and more and more partner/club running, but I will never give it up completely.

    Enjoy your trip and I hope you both are less muddy that Eldest Beautiful Daughter and I were on our trip to Dublin to see The Killers, but, God, it was so worth it !!!

  2. Ah the nirvana for every parent, time and space to yourself. By the time ours learn the concept it will simply in terms of their time and space not ours. As in 'it's my bedroom I need my privacy leave me alone' (theirs) Can I borrow a tenner? Don't worry I've already got it from your purse (ours). Looking forward to it ....


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