Thursday 10 July 2008

Young friends

Two or three years ago, a client started talking about something called was going to be really big in the very near future. I did as I should and duly signed up, whilst thinking this was nothing more than a dating website. My account laid dormant for a very long time until it became apparent that most everyone I now is on Facebook...and has upwards of a hundred friends. Making me Nicki no mates with a grand total of six. Of course, social networking sites have indeed become the next CB radio, eight track player and micro-scooter rolled into one. I've now added a few more friends and am pleased to have reached a respectable thirty plus. Deciding what to allow your offspring to do on the web is tricky (see previous posts), but I didn't feel that Facebook should be excluded. Naturally the boy's quickly gained several hundred (slight exageration) friends and has added so many applications that he knows his genetic strengths, what kind of superhero he is, what breed of dog he is, and more worryingly he knows how horny he is and what kind of sexy friends he has. But in general he has stuck to the straight and narrow. And hopefully the unfamilar birth date is a deterrent for prowlers. Today I had a friend request...a name I didn't recognise, so clicked the link. An unknown 13 or 14 year old girl looking for 'dating'. She's a friend of a friend's let's hope that it's a windup, rather than a naive and precocious girl passing her contact details around until the next pervert finds her....Daily Mail readers should have a field day.

...and whilst we're on the perv trail, greetings to the person who came to the blog whilst searching for 'boys, porn, men'. It keeps my fatherly protective responses fine tuned...but don't let me catch you down a dark alley.


  1. How the hell do you find out that they're searching for that and getting you? As the father of a ten-year-old internet-savvy daughter, I think I should be told!

  2. Not sure how to respond to this may be entirely wrong, but...on my blog I've got soemthing called 'sitemeter' - when you install it, it tells you all sorts of things including how people find your site...very useful!


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