Thursday 19 June 2008

Sporting heroes

Saturday is school sports day and I've been instructed to attend from the start at 9.30 all the way through to the eventual end as the sun begins to takes its leave for the day. My attempts to be let off on the basis that some events happen during the previous week, and the boy's only race on Saturday is the relay were brushed aside on the understanding that he is team captain. Not sure how that equates to my attendance, but evidently I must show the same commitment as him. I have a feeling that my intention of taking iPod and good book will be met with disapproval...but perhaps I can make myself useful as unofficial House photgrapher. It had better not be raining.

His star is in the ascendent, having already come third in the 1500m and for the second year on the trot winning the unusual talent inherited from his mother who threw for the county - amazing what parents pass on to their offspring. Seruptitious questions of whether I ran the 1500m were met with blanks on my behalf as they were clearly aimed at assesing whether he was beating me (yet again)...I decided to let pass his comment/question "But you did win the cross country didn't you?" as this is his interpretation and I have only ever said I ran in the school team...generally my performance kept me towards the back of the field, but I feel a clear sense of responsibility to keep him on his toes......

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