Thursday, 7 April 2011

The meaning of life

In appropriate behaviour seems to be the order of the day. On Monday we saw Greg Davies (the teacher in Inbetweeners...a wholly inappropriate comedy if ever there was one) live in his Firing Cheeseballs at a dog stand up routine. His mother told him that she HAD given a blowjob...just not to his Dad. Uuurgh. And last night the mother in Submarine told her son that she'd given the mystic a handjob. It all seems wrong to me.

Evidently it's not enough to be happy...we've also got to have 'meaning' and 'justice'. That's all a bit unfortunate as our beloved government is about to launch the UK happiness index. I may be wrong, but if I have meaning and justice then I will generally be happy, so I'm not sure what the problem is, other than Cameron wants us to walk around zombie-like with a big grin on our face irrespective of all the crap that's going on around us. Depressingly, it's been reported that money worries make us depressed. Really??? No, really??? No shit Shilock (or is it Sherlock?). Yep that's the news on the BBC today. Fortunately they also report that retail therapy makes us happy...umm not good if you've got money worries, where heading to the high street for a bit of retail therapy will only make you unhappier when the bills role in. I should mention this piece of research only refers to over 65s living in Taiwan. Dang with all the 'news' going on I'm amazed that a respectable news organisation is giving over space to this sort of tosh.

In the real world, it's no fun at the moment. The Japanese are pumping radioactive water into the sea so they can store the really nasty stuff. That may be the lesser of two evils, but it's still an evil. Rumour has it that Yo Sushi will be saving electricity by turning all the lights off as the food will be glowing when it's served.

In Libya, its back and forth, back and forth. Millions of pounds and £s worth of munitions are being spent trying to dislodge Gadaffi who has apparently sent Obama a three page letter asking for a ceasefire. He should know by now that Obama is of the Twitter generation so a Tweet would probably work better.

And in the Ivorian Coast, it looks as though it's all over bar the shooting. They've been plucking ambassadors out of the war zone left, right and centre. I just wonder whether this country will get the stability it needs.

And back in Nota Bene world, in the absence of the two teen terrors who may well be water skiing rather than on the snow this week, we've had more changes at the office. Moving in is a company whose business is sorting out film locations in London. How very, very exciting is that. I'm not getting a lot of work done as I'm permanently earwigging what they're up to. Already we've had Michelle Pfeifer in Southwark, Tim Burton in South London, The Arctic Monkeys doing a video...and so on and on and on. I fully intend to make the most of it.

In the meantime, if you get the chance to go and see Submarine, do...brilliant and rewarding film which well deserves your support and enthusiasm. It left me feeling happy, had meaning and justice was done at the end.